The landscape in Pendleton still is brown, but inside the Pendleton Convention Center, it looked a lot like Christmas.

More than 100 vendors from the Eastern Oregon region filled the convention center, 1601 Westgate Ave., all day Saturday for the annual Altrusa Holiday Bazaar.

The craft fair brings in between $18,000 and $20,000 each year from vendor fees and raffles, Altrusa bazaar chair Dorene Holmes said.

Pendleton’s chapter of the international nonprofit sponsors events through the year including school supply drives, food donations and child literacy promotions.

Holmes said even during the recession, about 1,500 people came out last year to shop and buy raffle tickets. Attendance seemed strong this year, too.

She said all the work of volunteering is worth it when she sees the children Altrusa has helped feed. 

“And I’ve gotten to know a lot of great women, a lot of great volunteers,” she said.

Glenys Stacy has set up a table for more than a decade at the bazaar. Stacy recently retired from teaching in the Walla Walla school district, and these days makes a nice bit of extra income selling cute trinkets and packages of roasted nuts.

“Altrusa does good things,” Stacy said. “I like how they help people.”

At the table across from Stacy, her daughter-in-law and grandson sold popcorn from a booth of their own. Lisa Morrow said the profits would go toward a fun trip for her family. “We are saving for what, Jasper?” she said to her son. “Disneyland!” he said.

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