PENDLETON - With so many law enforcement officers in Pendleton Friday morning, one would have thought the vice president was here. And he was.

Pendleton police coordinated the efforts of 15 agencies, along with the Secret Service.

"Everything went very smooth," said Lt. Mark Swanson of Pendleton Police, who, along with Chief Stuart Roberts, coordinated all the security for Vice President Dick Cheney's arrival at the airport and appearance at the Convention Center.

Swanson said the department first learned of Cheney's visit a week ago and met with Secret Service agents out of Portland Monday to plan Friday's event.

"There are a lot of little plans that go into that one big game plan," Swanson said.

Despite all the extra patrols, Swanson said the only overtime his officers put in was during Friday's event. Those overtime hours came out of the department's budget, Other departments also were responsible for their own costs.

"We had to absorb all the costs that go along with this kind of security," Swanson said. "Salary and equipment, mostly."

The agencies involved included sheriff's deputies from both Umatilla and Morrow county counties, police departments from Hermiston, Milton-Freewater, La Grande, Pilot Rock, Umatilla, Boardman and Mission, Pendleton and Tribal fire and ambulance, Oregon State Police, Pendleton Public Works and parole and probation officers from Community Corrections.

Swanson organized law enforcement efforts at the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport, along the motorcade route on Westgate, the motorcade itself, inside and outside the Convention Center and the command center in Pendleton.

Police made no arrests and only issued "a couple" traffic citations to motorists.

Swanson and Roberts went door-to-door earlier this week to tell local businesses what to expect.

"We tried to keep the (street) closures down to 20 or 30 minutes," he said.

There hasn't been such a widespread security effort in Pendleton since Ronald Reagan visited, Swanson said.

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