PENDLETON - Most of the children just played in Mexico, on a bridge over a river or around a homemade wooden fire truck. Others hammed up to the attention.

Either way, students in a marketing class at Blue Mountain Community College got some fun video shots for a commercial they're producing for the Eastern Oregon Children's Museum.

A handful of students, their instructor Bobby Levy and the college's instructional media technician and graphic artist Terry Aichele spent Sunday afternoon filming children playing in the hands-on displays at the museum.

The class was originally going to give the museum a looped video to show to businesses and groups to encourage volunteerism at the museum.

Since then, the group got in touch with Charter Communications. Now the class is filming a 24 to 30-second commercial about the volunteer program at the museum. The commercial should be ready to air in mid-March, Levy said.

The Oregon Community Foundation gave the museum a grant last summer to establish and build its volunteer program, said Jill Heffner, executive director of the museum.

Other than Heffner's position and one other half-time position, the museum is ran by at least 50 volunteers, Heffner said.

"But we're always looking for more," she said.

The BMCC marketing class teaches the principles of marketing, including product placement and how to study marketing statistics, Levy said. The class is currently looking at how businesses target "tweens," or 8-14 year olds, for product sales.

To help drive home some of the concepts, the class is doing community projects for businesses or groups. The museum's commercial is one project. The other half of the class is working on a customer service survey for the restaurant inside of Wildhorse Resort & Casino, she said.

Levy will continue to look for projects in the community that the class can complete in the following terms. Projects include brochures, advertising or product displays for businesses.

For more information about the class and how to propose a project, call the Business Technology Department at BMCC at 276-1260.

For more information about volunteering at the Eastern Oregon Children's Museum, call 276-1066, or visit the museum 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday, at 400 S. Main Street in Pendleton.

Teri Meeuwsen is a reporter in the East Oregonian Hermiston Bureau. She can be reached at (800) 522-0255 (ext. 1302 after hours) or by e-mail at

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