BOARDMAN — The Boardman City Council is discussing new rules for mobile vendors, but Mayor Sandy Toms said problems discussed may get worked out without a new city ordinance.

“We’re just looking at it,” she said.

During the council’s July 29 meeting, they discussed a letter from business owners Steve Doherty and Don Russell asking them to consider rules for food trucks. According to a news release, the letter stated vendors were sometimes dumping their used water down drains at the car wash, and that customers would use bathrooms of nearby businesses or block business entrances with their semitrucks.

They suggested the city consider regulations for parking, restroom facilities and other issues caused by mobile vendors.

City councilor David Jones, who owns most of the property where the food trucks are parked, said he would be willing to add portable restroom facilities and he believed that issuing citations to improperly parked semis would help clear up the problem.

“He said if the city were to implement rules regarding mobile vendors, he feels it would make it harder for additional mobile vendors to locate in Boardman,” according to a news release from the city.

Toms told the East Oregonian Wednesday that since that discussion, Jones and the mobile vendors have been working to address problems on their own. The city still plans to take a look at ordinances other cities have put in place, but she said the Boardman way is usually to avoid adding any more regulations than necessary.

“We just try to solve issues before it comes to that,” she said.

Toms said the city is also looking at possible solutions to the problem of solicitors going door to door in town.

On Tuesday, the Boardman City Council swore in a new member, as Katie Norton replaced Toni Connell, who resigned to take a paid position with the city.


Reporter covering city government and economic development in Hermiston, Umatilla, Stanfield and Echo.

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