SALEM - A grand jury indictment alleges a father and son were bent on robbery in a bank bombing that killed two Oregon law enforcement officers.

The indictment made public Friday is the first indication of what prosecutors believe is the motive for the bombing two weeks ago at a Woodburn bank.

Bruce and Joshua Turnidge pleaded not guilty Friday to multiple counts of aggravated murder. The counts outline varying grounds for conviction on the charge, which could carry the death penalty.

Among the grounds are that the killings happened in the course of a robbery. Other counts are based on the deaths of the law enforcement officers, the use of explosives, and intent to damage property.

The indictment, using identical language for the charges against the two, says as part of the crime, they "did unlawfully and intentionally commit the crime of Robbery in the 1st Degree ..." and the death of each victim was caused "in the course of and in furtherance of the crime that defendant was committing ..."

The indictment did not say how a robbery was to be carried out.

Investigators have previously disclosed that a caller to the Wells Fargo office in Woodburn on Dec. 12 made a threat and said that further instructions would come from a cell phone near a garbage can.

Officers determined that the phone was not part of an explosive device.

But later in the day, investigators turned their attention to the next-door West Coast Bank office, and a green metal box was found outside.

After officers took it inside, it exploded, killing Oregon State Police Senior Trooper William Hakim and Woodburn Capt. Tom Tennant as they were working on the device. Woodburn Police Chief Scott Russell was critically injured.

At their hearings on Friday, the Turnidges said little.

Bruce Turnidge, 57, responded "I understand," when Judge Joseph Ochoa told him about a procedural hearing scheduled Jan. 6. He stood silent as his court-appointed attorney, John Storkel, entered a not guilty plea on his behalf.

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