As Buffy Farber spelled out R-Y-A-N, Blake Farber, 7, carefully wrote his younger brother’s name on a small holiday stocking Saturday morning at the Pendleton Recreation Center.

The McKay Creek Elementary School student, who has attended Breakfast with Santa each year since he was a baby, asked his mother earlier in the week if they were going to this year’s event.

“He said, ‘I saw it in the paper.’ And then he went and found the paper and showed it to us,” Buffy said with a laugh.

Farber said she didn’t even know her son had been looking at the newspaper. She said attending Breakfast with Santa has been a family tradition. Although Blake was a bit intimidated the first two years he met Santa, he couldn’t wait to climb on the jolly ol’ elf’s lap this year and share his Christmas wish list.

If tradition holds true, Buffy said Ryan, 23 months, will cry again this year.

Newlyweds Danny and Miranda South were starting a family tradition of their own. Married 12 weeks ago, the Salem couple sat on each side of Santa for a holiday portrait.

In town for the Thanksgiving weekend, they were visiting Danny’s mother, Mina South, of Pendleton. The trio of Souths, along with South’s sister, Angie Nelson, her husband, Jason, and their two sons, headed to the event for a breakfast of pancakes and sausage served up by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Let ’er Buck Post. The popular holiday event also included a craft activity, face stamps and helium-filled balloons.

Photographer Glenn Graham smiled and snapped pictures as groups of families greeted Santa Claus. Pendleton Parks & Recreation started the event 13 years ago to offer families a local venue to have photos taken and kick off the holiday season.

Getting there just in the nick of time, Rogan Gabriel was excited about getting a face stamp. The 4-year-old chose a blue snowflake while his mother, Shelly Whitney, sat nearby holding Rogan’s 1-year-old sister, Sophia.

Whitney said this is the first year she’s brought her children to the event.

“It’s getting the kids in the holiday spirit,” she said. “I want them to see Santa.”


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