Pendleton Bucks claimed a new place of pride in their high school.

The new Buckaroo Hall of Champions outside the gym sports a fresh coat of green paint, labeled trophy cases, record banners and photos of this year’s team captains.

Stu Clem’s leadership class prompted the improvements to the formerly gray space over the summer. Clem gave partial credit to coach Mark Christensen for suggesting a new look for the once plain Bucks Hall of Champions.

 “Mark had original track and field records and that helped [Principal] Tom Lovell, Mark and I to decide that it would be great to make the area... a tribute to our teams, individuals and, of course, our memorials,” Clem said.

The school held an open house reception Tuesday to show off, and several faculty and community members came out to see.

“I think it’s very classy,” School District Superintendent Jon Peterson said. “It’s nice to have a venue where we can recognize accomplishments.”

The class of 2011, Swire Coca-Cola and Karl Christensen sponsored the hall of champions. Christensen donated his time to paint the phrases and Buckaroo logo.

A grant from the Pendleton Foundation Trust rounded out the budget for the project.

“So the school didn’t have to pay for anything,” Clem said.

One Pendleton alumna came out to see her own name up on the record board. Sarajane Rosenberg, class of 2004, won titles in long jump in track and field.

“When we would go to other high schools, we’d always look at these,” she said of the records. “It’s nice that Pendleton has those now.”

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