Building slowed somewhat in July in Umatilla and Grant counties, based on building permits issued by area agencies.

Construction continues on a new manufacturing building for Keystone RV Co. in Pendleton, which was permitted in June, but not included in last month's report.

The 77,0000-square-foot plant is schedule to open in November, said Bill Burns, Keystone's local manager.

Also, three new cellular telephone towers are under construction in Umatilla County, two for Nextel and one for Verizon. Nextel is building towers in the Weston and Milton-Freewater areas. Verizon is building one in Milton-Freewater.

In Grant County, the city of John Day is building a pump station for a city well.

Building Permits

June (omitted from last report)


•One commercial construction, for Keystone RV Co., $2,464,209.

•One new home, $171,133.

Revised total, $5,722,405.80



•Four new homes, $699,804

•Three residential remodels, $33,581

•One public remodel, Pendleton School District office, $26,600

•One commercial remodel, $16,288.

Total: $774,273


•One sign, $2,353

•Nine new homes, $1,446,436

•Three commercial remodels, $89,200

•Five residential remodels, $93,392

•One public remodel, $6,800

Total: $1,638,381

Umatilla County

•Three commercial construction, $68,002 (cell towers)

•Seven new homes, $1,339,466.14

•11 residential remodels, $426,995.12

•Nine pole buildings, $176,709.12

•Two nonprofit remodels, $10,000

•One sign, $4,600

Total: $2,025,772.38

Grant County

•One public construction, $58,273

•One new home, $178,469.80

•Seven residential remodels, $152,870.48

•Three pole buildings, $35,455.68

Total: $425,068.96

July total: $4,863,495.34

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