Age: 57

Candidate, Ward 1

Occupation: Retired supervisor, the former Easter Oregon Training Center

Education: Blue Mountain and Treasure Valley community colleges


Q: Name one change or improvement to Pendleton you would implement given the power to do so.

A: Forty-hour-a-week, family-wage jobs.


Q: What would you have done differently, or what measure would you suggest if elected, to encourage economic development in the city of Pendleton?

A: We have Barnhart Road. Take some of the proposed money (see question 4) to get the road business-ready.

Q: The municipal airport is proving a drain on city funds. What is your vision for improving the airport over the next five years?

A: Look at long-term rent contracts. Clean up the property. Build on the acreage.

Q: The city manager reports that limits on property tax revenue do not keep pace with city expenses. He asked for a year of spending reserves to allow him to make proposals that will save the city money. Would you agree? Can you identify spending categories where the city can save money?

A: No, I don’t agree. I don’t think spending money to save money makes sense. I did not agree to the court park/plaza. We already had numerous entry ways onto the levee. Five hundred dollars, I believe, was ill spent. I believe we should utilize what we have, like the Happy Canyon arena; it’s already there. I would like to see more concerts and more entertainment in the arena.

Q: What is your position on improvements to Main Street? What elements of the downtown improvement plan do you favor? How would you encourage businesses to open or locate downtown? Is the Rivoli Theater purchase by a nonprofit, with city assistance, a help or hindrance to your ideas?

A: Leave the streets and sidewalks alone. We need to fill the empty spaces in business. Leave the roads and sidewalks alone. I would like to see a major department store. Some of the downtown merchants would like to see a women’s shoe store, grocery store, candy store. I would like to see a Native American store and some stores to go along with the theme of Pendleton. The city of Pendleton has an incentive program to encourage businesses to locate or open down town. I used to watch movies at the Rivoli Theater; I support the restoration. I don’t want the city to get stuck with the building, and nonprofit does bother me some. The restoration is a wonderful idea.

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