Editor's note: Operation Care Package is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to send care packages to military personnel connected with the Umatilla County area who are currently stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan. They accept donations from individuals and organizations. To send a package to a friend or relative serving in Iraq, send the soldier's name and military address to: essengee@uci.net or call 276-8797. Names and addresses are held confidential.

Operation Care Package:

Thank you very much for the care package. It was greatly appreciated. Made me homesick. I am in Tikrit, Iraq with the hospital. Being in the hospital we have it better for supplies than some areas but it is still impossible to get up-to-date magazines. The only thing that would have made the package better would have been an East Oregonian paper.

It is great to be able to have received a package. Mail time is the soldier's favorite time and it really makes our day when there is something for us.

I am not sure how you got my address, but I am really glad you did. I shared the package with everybody here in the ICU. The cooling neck scarves are great. The temp gets over 130 degrees and it's a dry heat so we definitely can use the cooling scarves.

We get many soldiers through the hospital every day and it gets really boring for them to be laid up in bed with nothing to do before we can get them a flight out. They are still enjoying the magazines.

We have a PX, but they stock it on Thursday and it has bare shelves by Sunday. The supply chains here are keeping us as stocked as they can and we do pretty well, but it is really nice to have packages sent. We really appreciate it.

Our generators go down every day because the heat burns them up, so the cooling scarves really help every day. Thank you so very much for the thought, money and time. It helps the soldiers to know that we are supported at home.

All the guys in the ward say thank you for the package.

Keep up your good work and thank you again.

- Spc. Lisa Fisher

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