BOARDMAN - Diane Wolfe, a Bitter Root Valley, Mont., resident for the past 27 years, has come to Boardman with hopes and dreams of helping the city grow into the kind she thinks it has the capability to be.

Wolfe started in October as the Boardman Chamber of Commerce's chief executive officer.

"I see Boardman as a growing city, with all the amenities of a larger city, yet the small-town flavor that everyone enjoys today," she said.

Boardman attracted Wolfe because she saw its potential.

"The Port of Morrow and the beautiful river are but a couple assets this small town has, and they are what give it the potential to be great," Wolfe said.

In Bitter Root Valley, Wolfe was the chamber director for 12 years. She said the chamber had 600 members and encompassed seven cities. She also was a member of the International Organization of Northwest Chamber Leaders.

It was through that organization the city of Boardman discovered Wolfe and approached her about the position. Because she had no family there, and no real ties to Bitter Root Valley, she decided it was time for a change.

"It was a now-or-never situation," she said.

When she came to Boardman for an interview, she fell in love with the town.

"To me, it is a beautiful place," she said. "People don't understand how I can find it beautiful since I come from Montana, but I do."

Wolfe started the Economic Development Authority in Bitter Root Valley and recognizes the strength of economic development the Port of Morrow brings to Boardman. On her initial visit to Boardman, the port, the building and the people impressed her.

Wolfe envisions growth for the Boardman chamber as well.

"Boardman is a town in the beginning stages of taking off," she said. "They need help with this process, and since I have the experience, I know I can help this growth take place."

Since moving to Boardman, Wolfe has joined the Kiwanis and a local church.

"It is very important for me to be a member of this community," she said. "I cannot be an effective chamber leader if I am not participating in my community."

Karen Pettigrew, chamber treasurer and city manager, said she is happy to have Wolfe on board.

"I am glad to have somebody come with experience," she said.

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