PENDLETON - Pendleton City Council met Saturday to determine city goals for the next two years.

Mayor Phil Houk said those goals included the completion and funding of Barnhart Road and overall economic development of the Pendleton area, including the possibility of hiring an economic development director.

"We had 100 percent participation of council, in writing and attendance," Houk said. "Each had homework which required time and effort to put together."

Houk said each goal added to the final list required the support of at least five people.

"It's kind of a painful process when you try to get nine people together to decide what the process is," Houk added. The city enlisted the assistance of a process facilitator, who structured the process.

The city goes through the goal-setting process every other year. Houk said when the council considers goals, they also review past goal lists and determine whether or not the city has addressed or is in the process of addressing those issues.

"The goals then become the evaluation of the city manager," Houk said. "They're real important to the future of Pendleton."

Houk said the council also discussed how to divide districts, and whether or not to continue with city fire districts or create new, regional districts. Urban growth boundary options also made the list.

The council will review and potentially adopt the list of goals during Tuesday's council meeting.

"I felt good about the level of involvement," Houk said, adding that city staff was also involved in the process.

Once the goal list is adopted, it will be posted at a variety of public places, including council chambers and the city library.

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