BOARDMAN - It's official. City hall in Boardman is for sale, which has its occupants a little nervous.

Besides city staff, two non-city groups share space in the building .

USA Media out of Umatilla operates a receiving station for its cable broadcasts from City Hall. Local Manager David Gibbs said if a new owner takes over and does not allow the company to remain in the building, he would be faced with a big problem.

"We have to have a line of sight from Mt. Roosevelt," Gibbs said. Without it USA Media would have to move, but it doesn't know where. "We don't have a game plan yet."

Sheila Corpus of Boardman teaches a Bible study class each school day for the Mormon church in cooperation with Riverside High School. Corpus said she is not sure exactly what will happen to her group once the sale is made, but with more than a dozen students attending regularly, she hopes her class will be able to continue to meet there.

"It's kind of a wait and see situation," Corpus said.

Whatever group decides to buy the property will have the ultimate decision on whether or not to allow people who now use the building to remain.

City Manager Rex Mather said there is plenty of room for multiple businesses, but until a buyer makes plans, everything is up in the air.

"I suspect they we'll be able to stay," Mather said.

According to appraiser values, the building could sell for approximately $245,000 without any other businesses in it, and $320,000 if occupied.

City offices, including the police station, will be moving into a new facility in late summer. Mather said he has "tentative" plans to have a grand-opening on Aug. 28.

What will happen to funds from the sale of the building have not been discussed. Mather said the funds will not go directly to offset the price of the new City Hall.

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