When the Pendleton Animal Welfare Shelter opens next year, it will have another small building for events. 

Pendleton City Council agreed Tuesday to pay half the $16,000 purchase price of a garage adjacent to the Pioneer Humane Society building, 517 S.E. Goodwin Ave. City Manager Larry Lehman said the $8,000 would come out of the Community Development Fund, which also funds projects like Solarize Pendleton.

The garage will make a good space for holding fundraising sales, and it makes sense for the shelter to own a building so close to it, said Marjorie Iburg, a humane society board member. 

“I stand before you tonight as your partner,” she told council. “The reason you’re partners is because it’s the government’s responsibility to control the animal population.”

The humane society is renovating the main building, which was previously Gene’s Electric, to offer more services and house more stray cats, dogs and other pets. Until then, foster homes are looking after the animals.

Iburg said she expects the shelter to be ready by spring 2012.

City Manager Larry Lehman said the city has already invested $67,000 in the project by buying the main building and removing asbestos. The humane society leases the property.

The city spends about $21,000 every year on dog control between a dog pound and the cost of Hermiston animal control services. That money will go to PAWS when it’s up and running.

Pendleton Mayor Phillip Houk said he’s toured the facility, and is impressed with the work volunteers are doing. 

“It’s something Pendleton’s needed for a lot of years,” he said.

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