For seniors and the disabled

•Taxi Tickets - This service for seniors (people over 60) and the disabled is open to those within five driving miles of Pendleton. About 34 to 40 one-way tickets for anywhere in Pendleton are handed out to participants every three months. The riders only have to pay $1.50 for each ticket they use.

•Wheelchair disabled transportation - People in wheelchairs can call the taxi service and be transported using a bus or van. Normal taxi fares apply, but the city pays the taxi company extra mileage for bus service. The wheelchair program is available during normal taxi hours, 5 a.m. to 3 a.m. Monday through Friday.

•Senior citizens meal site trips - Rides are provided free every weekday to the senior center for lunch. The city pays the taxi company to furnish drivers. Those interested should call the senior center and request to be put on the pick-up list.

For the general public

•Afternoon bus program - The bus provides transportation for a $1 donation every weekday from 1 to 5:30 p.m. within the city. Riders should call in the morning to schedule a ride for the afternoon. The city hopes to get more people using this program, which can save senior and disabled riders their tickets.

•Aquatic Center bus run - Bus transportation to the swim pool is provided three days a week during the summer, with seven different pickup spots. Return rides also are provided. Children are the main riders.

•Parks and Recreation transports - Rides are given to park and recreation program participants during the summer. Currently, there is a West Hills after-school program that transports children to the Recreation Center for activities. The West Hills after-school component might not be part of the transportation program next year.


•Medical transports - The city transportation program offers special services for those residents who don't need urgent medical care, and don't have a way to get to their doctor, medical clinic, or hospital. The resident simply calls up the medical agency and asks them to call a taxi. There is no charge. This component of the program is designed to reduce the number of non-emergency transports. St. Anthony contributes up to half the cost for a maximum of $2,500 per year.

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