HELIX - Citizens for Helix School, a recall committee made up of Helix School District residents, will ask the community if it should continue with the recall of two school board members.

"We're going to present it in another town meeting and let citizens decide if they want to pursue it or let it be," committee member Laura King said.

The committee will hold a community meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at the City Hall to discuss whether or not district residents want to take further action in the recall process

King said she wanted the community, not the committee, to determine the next course of action.

"It's not the committee that's making these decisions," she said. "It's their (the community's) decision, it's their voice."

The committee is composed of seven community members: King, Tina Williams, Julie Hendren, Jeff Newtson, Carrie Bennett, David Talley and Tyson Raymond.

Vickie Muller, wife of school board member Wade Muller, told the EO Thursday she removed herself from the committee.

The committee submitted two recall petitions to the County Elections Office Wednesday, asking for the recall of board chairman Jay Spratling and board member Jim Williams.

The school board is normally comprised of five members. Earlier this week, board member Tom Winn stepped down, leaving Spratling, Williams, Muller and Larry Parker.

Spratling's and Williams' terms expire in 2009 and Muller's and Parker's terms expire this year.

The elections office certified the recall petitions.

For the recall to go through, each petition must have 26 signatures from registered Helix voters within 90 days. After the signatures are gathered, the county offers the board members a chance to step down. If the board members do not respond in five days or do not resign, the county conducts a recall election. The cost of the recall election would be billed to the school district.

Committee members made several allegations regarding Spratling and Williams.

Some were vague, saying they "have not acted in the best interest of the students, staff or the community."

The committee also alleged violations of the Oregon School Board Association's code of ethics, though individual ethics lapses are not outlined in the petitions.

The recall petition for Williams did not list specific violations of board policy, but there are other accusations.

The committee alleges he failed to abide by a majority of the board, which violates one of the OSBA ethics standards, which states a school board member "recognizes that decisions are made by a majority vote and should be supported by all board members," committee members affirmed.

In the recall petition for Spratling, the committee claims he violated two Helix School Board policies.

The first involves how board meeting agendas are compiled.

The Helix School Board code says: "The Helix School Board chairman and the superintendent/principal will prepare an agenda for all regular meetings of the board."

Committee member Talley, who was on the board from 2000 to 2004, said the committee received information of Spratling violating this rule from Superintendent Barbara s.

Talley said Ceniga relayed to the committee that Spratling regularly did not work with Ceniga in compiling the board's agenda.

The second board policy the committee says Spratling violated addresses how the board interacts with the public.

The policy reads: "During an open session of a board meeting, members of the public are specifically invited to present concerns during the designated portion of the agenda."

Talley said Spratling violated this during the board's regular meeting on Jan. 11.

At the beginning of the meeting, Spratling asked for no audience input, "to safeguard the superintendent and the board."

During the meeting, Spratling said he did not want the meeting to turn into a debate and to keep that from happening he asked the public not to speak.

Spratling's decision was quickly overturned when Parker made a motion to allow public comment.

"I can't see any harm in giving the citizens a voice," he said during the meeting.

Public comment was allowed, but limited to three minutes.

Spratling and Williams declined to comment on the allegations in the recall petitions at this time.

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