Pendleton will see more construction projects this year and the next than any time in the past 20.

The Pendleton Public Works Department submitted its project list to the city's Capital Improvements Program commission Tuesday. From the Barnhart/Airport Road to revamping a major intersection to the continued upgrade of the wastewater treatment plant, millions of dollars for construction will pour through Pendleton.

The following are the 10 most expensive public works projects for 2009-10 the commission received:

No. 1 - $9.541 million to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant; about $4.541 million will come from the city's capital improvement fund for the plant and $5 million will come from the Oregon Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund.

The city started the project in the 2007-08 cycle, and in December 2007 the city issued bonds for almost $10 million. The city expects to go out for bid on the in-plant upgrade in June with construction starting in July and ending in April, 2010. The city will go out for bids of the outfall relocation in 2010, aiming for completion in an April, 2011.

The city also expects to contribute another $800,000 in-house for project oversight.

No. 2 - $4.4 million for multiple road projects: the overhaul of Westgate/Court/Dorion avenues intersection, including landscaping and frontage work at the Round-Up Grounds; 4.5 inch pavement inlay on Court and Dorion avenues from Eastgate to Westgate, a chip seal along Highway 11 between Pendleton and Athena.

The work will continue into 2010, and the inlay and chip seal work will cost $4.5 million over the length of the project. The federal government and Oregon Department of Transportation are providing $4 million for the projects, the Pendleton Urban Renewal Agency has committed $285,000, the Round-Up will contribute $26,000.

That is $80,000 short for this year. Once the city receives bids, it will consider how to fund the gap.

No. 3 - $4 million to build a portion of Barnhart/Airport Road. The project is underway and receiving federal and state funding.

No. 4 - $2.3 million for ground-mounted tracking solar system at the wastewater treatment plant that will be able to produce about 200 kW at the plant. A private company is funding the project in its entirety.

No. 5 - $1.891 million for street preservation. The state gas tax will cover $171,000 and federal stimulus money will contribute another $370,000. The city hasn't identified where the remaining $1.35 million will come from.

No. 6 - $1.82 million for street local improvement district for Sunridge Acres and Sunridge Estates. The project will include a new road and water line. The city council has approved the district.

No. 7 - $1.767 million to replace the bridge across McKay Creek. State transportation funds will pay for the project.

No. 8 - $1.062 million to replace membranes at the wastewater treatment plant. The city's water fund will cover $662,400 of the project, but the city hasn't identified a source for the remaining $400,000.

No. 9 - $866,000 to replace water lines throughout the city. Funding is likely to be a combination of private development, local improvement districts and city sources.

No. 10 - $850,000 to extend a 24-inch water line two-miles for industrial lands near the airport. The city will use an Oregon Transportation Infrastructure Bank loan to pay for the project.

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