On Tuesday night, the Pendleton City Council will revisit contentious contract language that has previously raised the hackles of the airport’s general aviation community.

Businesses can only lease land instead of buying it at the airport, and the airport wanted to update language that allows the city to automatically acquire the building once the business’ lease ends. This contract language is referred to as a “reversionary clause.”

The reversionary clause was an anathema to airport businesses, whose operators and owners said the contract language would devalue their investments and kill further entrepreneurship at the airport.

To accommodate the airport business community, the airport commission approved a lease option where tenants could avoid a reversionary clause if they agreed to pay twice the standard land lease rate.

Although the commission’s recommendation is still intact, City Manager Robb Corbett has also provided the city council with a possible amendment, which would allow the city to negotiate a new lease without obligating them to do it.

The council meeting will be held Tuesday at the council chambers in city hall, 500 S.W. Dorion Ave.

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