Wayne Bradley Schwabrow, a Boardman man police arrested two years ago for forging U.S. currency, pleaded no contest to one count of possession of a forged instrument Thursday at the Morrow County Courthouse in Heppner.

Schwabrow's other charges - two felony firearm charges, first-degree forgery and possession of a forgery device - were dropped in accordance with a plea agreement with Morrow County District Attorney Elizabeth Ballard.

Ballard also agreed to drop a felony failure to appear charge, stemming from the two times Schwabrow neglected to show up for court. His disappearances, as well as the death of his original attorney, Val Doherty, resulted in the unusually long duration of his case.

The FBI also spent a year searching through Schwabrow's computer in search of forgery software, according to his attorney, Robert Raschio.

Boardman police first arrested Schwabrow, now 33, in December 2007.

Acting on a tip, officers raided a residence at 78539 Paul Smith Road and found several examples of false currency in small bills. Officers also found eight rifles, a loaded handgun and several rounds of ammunition.

At the time, Boardman Police Chief John Zeiler said he believed the fake bills were successfully used in the Boardman area.

He added that they were easily identified as fake.

Schwabrow appeared in court in an orange jail uniform and handcuffs. He appeared penitent, although a "no contest" plea is not an admittance of guilt; it is an acknowledgement that the prosecutor has enough evidence to perhaps prove guilt in a trial.

"I'd like to apologize to my family and to the court for their time," he said.

Circuit Court Judge Ronald Pahl sentenced Schwabrow to 18 months of supervised probation and $1,750 in fines, $500 of which were suspended. He also must pay attorney fees.

Schwabrow now will be transported to Idaho, where he is wanted on a parole violation.

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