While the Sheriff's and District Attorney's office budgets remain substantially in the red, the other 93 county budgets have made cuts totaling more than $400,000, said Umatilla County Budget Officer Bob Heffner.

County commissioners had asked each department to meet a set allowance for the 2010-11 budget year between 6 and 6.6 percent less than the current budget.

The cuts require shorter work weeks, furloughs and, in some cases, layoffs.

The Sheriff's Office budget is more than $500,000 over and the DA's budget is around $100,000 over the goal set by commissioners.

Furloughs or reduced weeks essentially mean a pay cut for county employees. Heffner said staff would try to stagger time off so services could continue as close to normal as possible. In the board of commissioners office, every employee will work four fewer hours each week.

In assessment and taxation, one employee is retiring and likely will then be rehired part-time.

In land use planning, one person will be laid off and there will be a reduction in the code enforcement division, which may mean a pay reduction or fewer hours, Heffner said. Youth services will likely lay off one employee. Administrative services department employees each will take eight unpaid furlough days throughout the year.

Within health and human services, pubic health will not replace a vacant supervisor position and administration likely will be asked to take six four-hour days as unpaid furloughs.

Other departments will make similar cuts and the departments are also making cuts in materials and services, Heffner said.

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