Umatilla County commissioners Thursday plan to consider making a deal with the city of Pendleton over the Eighth Street Bridge.

The Pendleton City Council voted 5-3 last week to approve an agreement requiring the county to pay about $380,000 to replace the bridge in exchange for the city taking over the maintenance of almost 11 miles of county roads inside the city limits.

Pendleton Public Works Director Bob Patterson said about half the roads — which includes Juvenile Detention Center Road, Murietta Road and Mount Hebron Drive — meet city standards.

The city and county are co-owners of the 104-year-old bridge spanning the Umatilla River in Pendleton’s southeast, and the city needs about $760,000 as the local match to receive a $7.4 million federal grant to build a new bridge. The county will divert about $75,000 a year for five years in pedestrian and bicycle paths to cover its half of the bridge tab.

In another road move, the county board of commissioners will consider approving Wapiti Lane as the name of a new road for a development near Meacham. Kent and Laura Madison of Echo, the owners of K & L Madison Inc., intend to file for a division of their property, according to county records, which will create at least three sites for building. Per county law, the easement to the properties must have a name.

A memo from the county planning department said the Oregon Department of Transportation has installed a sign with Wapiti Lane at the access point to the Old Oregon Trail Highway.

The board meets Thursday at 9 a.m. in room 121 at the Umatilla County Courthouse, 416 S. E. Fourth St., Pendleton.

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