WESTON - Weston Mayor Tim Crampton is facing a recall for the second time since being re-elected in 2000.

A petition filed Friday by Kenneth Hearn requested the recall election. He now has 90 days to collect signatures, City Clerk Denise Smock said.

Hearn declined to comment on the petition. David Gowdy, spokesman for the group pushing the recall, could not be reached for comment either.

Crampton was attending a League of Oregon Cities event in Salem and could not be reached for comment. In November he became president-elect of the Oregon Mayors Association, which is part of the league.

The petition lists several accusations to support its recall, including:

•The mayor's "unethical, reckless disregard for the rights and opinions of the residents of Weston."

•Crampton "has repeatedly singled out residents and attempted to cause personal embarrassment and financial harm by having them: 1) overcharged, 2) issued citations, 3) hounded by other departments."

•"His lack of knowledge on finances and budgeting has cost the city thousands of dollars. Because of this, he has allowed a department to exceed its budget two years in a row."

The petition statement is limited to 200 words and did not present specific instances to back up the allegations.

Unlike most city and county government bodies, which limit public comment to specific times in meetings, Weston's City Council meetings are relatively unstructured. Residents often voice their opinions and raise issues at any point in the meeting, often talking more than council members.

The past few months the freestyle meetings have sometimes degenerated into open bickering, with audience members berating Crampton, the council and each other.

Recall proponents must collect the signatures of 29 registered voters to force a recall election, Smock said. "We expect to get them all back by this Friday," she added.

Once the petition is received, the Umatilla County Elections Department has 10 days to verify the signatures. If the petition is accepted, Crampton would have five days to either offer a rebuttal or resign. If he does not resign, the city would hold a recall election within 35 days.

In October 2001 John Glidewell petitioned for the recall of Crampton and then council members Deanna Olin and Jim Davis because of unethical behavior and reckless disregard for the rights of city residents, workers and officials. The three denied the accusations.

Crampton and Davis survived the recall election, but Olin was voted off the council.

Because this would be Weston's second recall election, the petitioners would be responsible for the cost of the election, Smock said.

Petitioners deposited $275 to cover the cost of an election, she said, based on the cost of the 2001 recall.

In the last recall election there were three people on the ballot and the cost was a little more than $270, she said.

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