HERMISTON - D & R Auto Sales' financial problems are keeping at least one man from his car and house keys and another from his RV.

KeyBank has filed a $9 million lawsuit against the D & R Auto Group, its owners David and Roger Spangenberg and related businesses. Then KeyBank representatives locked the business, preventing owners from moving vehicles on or off the lot - including Clay Peterson's Kia and Dan Shult's RV.

Both men are Hermiston residents. Peterson said he took his car Aug. 20 to D & R Auto Sales at 80361 Highway 395 N. for a minor repair. When he returned a few hours later to pick up the car, he had a surprise.

"While I was gone somebody came and locked up the lot," Peterson said.

Shult said he took his RV in a couple of weeks ago for some warranty work. He said he was near the auto dealership Wednesday and decided to check on his vehicle.

He found the same locked gates as Peterson.

Both men said they have been trying to find ways to get their vehicles, and Peterson also wants his house keys. He said the Umatilla County Sheriff's Office won't get involved because it is a civil matter.

Peterson called his attorney, Tom Creasing, who said he wants to show KeyBank that Peterson's car isn't one in which the bank has an interest. Creasing has spoken with Tim O'Hanlon, KeyBank's local representative, who referred him to Lee Nusich, KeyBank's lead attorney in the case.

"Basically, all Clay needs is to have somebody go up there, unlock the thing and have him drive his car out so he can go somewhere else to get it fixed," Creasing said.

In the meantime, Creasing said he's hopeful KeyBank will soon release his client's car.

Shult said he's called the dealership, but the phone just rang.

Considering David Spangenberg has filed for bankruptcy in his name and the businesses he owns, that's not too surprising, Shult said.

Shult said he then called O'Hanlon, who also referred him to Nusich, who in turn told him to call Robert Ridgway, the Pendleton city judge who is the bankruptcy trustee. Now Shult said he's awaiting a call from Ridgway.

"Hopefully we can get it out soon And hopefully it's fixed," Shult said.

But he admitted that may not be too likely.

Umatilla County Circuit Court Judge Dan Hill had scheduled a hearing on KeyBank's lawsuit for 9:30 a.m. today, but the court canceled that because of the bankruptcy filing.

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