ENTERPRISE - The new District Attorney in Wallowa County plans to work with a U.S. Attorney on the homicide investigation of a Weston man's death.

Robert "Bob" Mills, 26, was shot and killed on Nov. 25 near Troy while on a hunting trip with friends.

Benjamin Paul Harrell, 40, of Yakima was arrested on scene and later charged with manslaughter.

Former district attorney Dan Ousley set the charge as manslaughter.

Harrell was released on $250,000 bail at the beginning of December after posting a $25,000, or ten percent of the bail.

Recently elected Wallowa County District Attorney Mona K. Williams said she is requesting assistance from the department of justice in the case. She plans to have a U.S. Attorney sit as first chair with herself seconding.

She said she believed it was in the best interests of all parties.

"This office gets a homicide very rarely," she said. "It doesn't handle them on a regular basis. It's just a good idea to have the extra help."

She said her predecessor, Ousley, often consulted with U.S. Attorneys in homicide cases. Williams expects to meet with the attorney next week and will proceed from there with future dealings in the case.

Williams expects the case to go to a grand jury, where the jury will decide if there is enough evidence to proceed with an indictment.

"There are intricate aspects to this case," she said.

Williams was elected as Wallowa County's District Attorney last November and was sworn into office on Jan. 2. This is another reason she has requested help in the case.

"I'm new in the office and I think its in the public's interest to handle it this way," she said.

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