Drivers, open your wallets.

Starting Thursday, the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles will raise the price on several vehicle and identification card fees to help pay for transportation projects. Some of the price hikes will be more than double today's fees:

?New plates will go from $5 to $23, and custom plate fees will climb from $50 to $100.

?Two-year registration tags will rise from $54 to $86.

?A title transfer will increase from $55 to $77.

?And an identification card will increase more than 400 percent, from $10 to $44.50.

?The fee for a driver's license, though, will not increase.

The fee increases will help pay for the Oregon Jobs and Transportation Act, which the Legislature passed and the governor signed to provide Oregon with better roads, more transportation options and improved road safety. The act increases fees for vehicle titles, passenger vehicle registrations, new or replacement license plates, identification cards, trip permits and custom plates.

A handful of new fees that apply to commercial and farm vehicles will take effect Jan. 1, 2010.

Some passenger vehicle owners already have seen the new registration fee in their renewal notices. The DMV bases a vehicle registration fee on when the vehicle's tags expire, not when the fee is paid. DMV mails the vehicle registration renewal notices several weeks before the plates expire.

The new DMV fees are part of a transportation funding package that supports:

?A sustained $300 million per year for road repair and improvement (half goes to Oregon cities and counties).

?A series of 37 major state highway construction projects.

?Support for Amtrak Cascades train service, roadside rest areas, urban trails and bicycle paths and public transportation for seniors and people with disabilities.

The act also creates a new category of vehicles in Oregon - medium-speed electric vehicles - in anticipation of manufactures making the vehicles to meet U.S. Department of Transportation passenger vehicle safety standards. These vehicles only will be allowed on roads with speed limits of 45 mph or lower.

Also, the act saves money for Oregonians who apply for both a replacement title and a title transfer at the same time. Oregon law has required DMV to charge for both transactions even when submitted at the same time. As of Thursday, customers only will pay a title transfer fee when they also apply for a replacement title at the same time for the same vehicle.

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