PILOT ROCK - Pilot Rock High School has made some changes since last year.

Kris Graber has been promoted to assistant principal for both the high school and middle school.

In years past, there was no assistant principal.

Ed Sherman, the newly-retired high school principal, will serve as the part-time principal.

In Oregon, teachers and administrators can come back to work in the schools as part-time employees.

Other changes include revisions to the high school's dress and grooming code and modification of the high school athletic policy.

Graber said the dress policy has been become much more strict and that complaints from teachers last year led to the modifications.

Thong underwear with the girls and boys exposing their boxer underwear were some of the teachers' concerns, citing that revealing clothing could prove to be a classroom distraction.

Some of the changes include: No oversized clothing; no see-through or sexually suggestive apparel; no undergarments may be revealed; tops must cover the midriff area; and hats will not be worn in classrooms.

The school staff will enforce the dress code.

Violations will result in parent contact, detention and even sending the student home.

Pilot Rock High School's athletic policy also was revised. Athletes who confess to drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs will be given more leniency than those who are confronted and lie about their involvement.

If an athlete confesses, he or she will not miss playing time, but will be required to participate in drug and alcohol counseling.

"We want to make a distinction between those who tell the truth and those who don't," Graber said. Random drug testing, which occurs once and sometimes twice each season, will continue.

"(The new policies) aren't a big change for the kids here," Graber stated.

There also were three new English, science and math teachers hired to teach at the high school and middle school.

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