The details are in place for a major piece of the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center after the project’s board approved a design for the event center Tuesday.

Choosing a final design this week kept EOTEC on track for a March 2016 completion date.

The building will include a more than 12,000-square-foot exhibition hall, three large meeting rooms, a boardroom, a kitchen, offices and storage.

Heather Cannell, who was the Hermiston Conference Center’s facilitator before becoming EOTEC’s business manager in February, said the center will offer about 3,000 square feet more space than the city’s conference center and more meeting rooms.

She said EOTEC is intended to bring in outside money and keep the Hermiston Conference Center for use by local groups; however, “there are three definite community events that have outgrown the conference center.”

“This building will be able to hold larger conferences,” she said.

After examining plans drawn up by LRS Architects and G2 Construction, the authority did make a few changes while trying to stay within the building’s $2.7 million budget.

Vijay Patel convinced the other board members that a long hallway stretching the length of the exhibition hall needed to be expanded from 12 feet to 15 feet wide so the hall could be used to locate commercial vendors, displays, buffet tables or other items.

“Those corridors are becoming dead space otherwise,” he said.

The group also agreed that they could do with less ground-level storage in order to increase the size of the boardroom from 482 square feet to 600. At the same time they asked the architect to swap the location of the board room and restrooms so that the restrooms were located directly off the front lobby instead of down the hall.

A second 12 foot by 14 foot overhead door was added to the exhibition hall and the size of a mezzanine storage area was decreased to cut costs.

Project manager Gary Winsand said after the blueprints were adjusted it would be about five or six weeks before G2 Construction started work on the building.

EOTEC’s next regular meeting is Friday, May 29 at 7 a.m. at the Stafford Hansell Government Center. The authority will go over the 2015-2016 budget and requests for proposals for construction of the livestock barns.


Contact Jade McDowell at or 541-564-4536.

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