Closed for more than a decade, a restaurant in Boardman has been resurrected.

The former Dodge City Inn is being revamped by Joe Kumar of Kennewick, Wash. With that comes a name change to the Fairdeal Inn, 101 S. First St., and the adjacent Village Restaurant — owned by Catalina Villa — serving American and Mexican cuisine.

The restaurant has been remodeled and at least half of the motel rooms have been as well, said Diane Wolfe, Boardman Chamber of Commerce executive director.

“It’s nice to have another choice in Boardman,” Wolfe said.

Kumar said the restaurant is serving the cuisine combination because of the community’s demographics and proximity to the freeway. He also owns a business in?Kennewick as well as the restaurant and hotel further west on Interstate 84 in Arlington.

“There is a good opportunity and growth in the town,” Kumar said. “The town needs a good restaurant and hotel.”

The Fairdeal Inn’s 40-room facility is managed by Willy and Peggy Schneider, who relocated from Kennewick for the position. The restaurant hosted a grand opening Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and covered patrons’ lunches during the event to train their employees, Wolfe said.

“I think the thinking is very astute. I’ve only seen one other restaurant do that before,” Wolfe said.

“This is very important to the community ... and I am looking forward to working with this business,” said Mayor Chet Phillips. “It is important that we re-open these doors.”


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