PENDLETON - A fire badly damaged a two-car garage at 615 S.W. Fifth Street late Thursday morning. Pendleton Firefighters responded with two engines and had the blaze contained within fifteen minutes.

Fire Marshal Tyler Nokes said Thursday afternoon the small blaze was caused by two boys lighting fireworks nearby. Nokes said the fireworks lit carpet and garbage stacked up on the southwest side of the building.

Just after the fire, Billy Walton, who does not live at the residence, said he had come to take his sons to lunch when the boys told him they saw the smoke. He said he and two of his boys, Zane, 9, and Joe, 10, were in front of the house when they first saw smoke coming from the garage.

"One of them said 'Dad, the shed's smoking,' " Walton recalled.

Walton said he thought they were joking until he saw the smoke himself.

Walton immediately sent the two boys into the house to awaken their 12-year-old brother, Tyson.

Walton and Tyson took garden hoses and began spraying the fire.

"We just did what we could with garden hoses," he said.

Walton said a woman in an SUV called 9-1-1 because the phone inside the house was disconnected.

Soon afterward, firefighters arrived and extinguished the fire.

Nokes said the blaze remained fairly small because it was contained inside the garage, where there was limited oxygen to feed the flames, but it substantially damaged the structure. It burned through most of the south side of the building and charred the roof trusses.

"In my opinion, it's a loss," Nokes said.

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