PENDLETON - Regardless of whether you want bang or sparkle for your buck, local fireworks stands have options that can accommodate any budget.

The best deal under the tent in the Wal-Mart parking lot was to buy one of everything from the buy-one, get-one-free table, Cody Jackson, Youth Pastor for the Pendleton First Assembly of God said. Forty-six dollars would purchase a variety of fountains and noisemakers with which anyone could put on a good show.

People were tending to purchase things with good colors rather than loud noises, Jackson said. Popular fountains included Mad Dog fountain, Purple Rain, Kahuna's Revenge and Blue Planet, which, he said, was "full of purples and gold's and crackles all the way through."

Jackson, who has been selling fireworks since eighth grade, said his favorite was Kahuna's Revenge, which sells for $12.99. Every year it keeps getting better, he said.

The stand is a fundraiser for the youth group and the money raised goes to support the group's activities and the church's missionary work in other countries, Jackson said. This year they expect to raise about $3,000.

Nearby at a smaller stand in the Safeway parking lot, also run by the Assembly of God Youth Group, parent Lavonne Stephens said Piccolo Petes, which sell for $1.99 a box, were very popular as were Killer Bees, which were $1.99 each.

Both fireworks sparkle and make whistling noises. People were buying the smaller fireworks rather than the $30 fountain options, she said. Another popular option was the variety packs .

Piccolo Petes were also a popular option at the stand run by the First Church of God Youth Group in the Albertson's parking lot. The firecracker tanks were also proving to be a big seller, although they did not have wheels like they had in years past, Youth Pastor Joseph Jurado said.

He was working in the stand with Cameron Pahl, 17.

The stand had not sold any of the $30 fireworks. People tended to look at slightly less expensive options, he said. They were also interested in the variety packs which ranged in price from $14 up to $110.

Jurado said he saw older people buying the bigger and more expensive fireworks while younger people went for things that popped and had color.

Like the other stands, money raise by the First Church of God Youth Group by selling fireworks went to support camps and activities and to purchase food for the groups.

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