MISSION - The eighth anniversary fireworks show at Wildhorse Resort & Casino tonight will be computer orchestrated.

"What it does is allow you to have much more precise choreography connecting the music and the fireworks," said Irving Perry, Western Region manager for Zambelli Fireworks Internationale, a century-old pyrotechnics manufacturer headquartered in New Castle, Penn., which will put on the show starting at 8 p.m. today.

Wildhorse is cooperating with KUMA radio to broadcast music during the display. Viewers in their cars can pump up the radio volume and bathe in a flashy juxtaposition of tunes and pyrotechnics, organizers said. The music also will play over the grounds at the casino.

Both the music and the firing commands are played on a CD.

"A manual system is timed," said Perry, "but it still requires the operator to fire the shells," which could mean timing errors. "The computer program we use accounts for the time the shell takes to fire, to reach its altitude and remain in view. So it's perfectly timed to the music. People will notice the difference."

Perry said viewers would also notice a few unusual things the Zambellis haven't included in previous shows at Wildhorse "because we haven't done them much on the West Coast."

The end of the show includes "Russian Circus type music. It's very good and a lot of detail happens as it leads to the finale. It just gets louder and louder. It's very popular," Perry said.

Wildhorse fireworks

When: 8 tonight.

Where: On the grounds of Wildhorse Resort.

Admission: Free

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