PENDLETON - Area representatives for Mary Kay Cosmetics want to pamper wives, mothers, grandmothers and daughters of servicemen. All female relatives of National Guard members in the area are invited to a day spa that the Mary Kay representatives are holding at the Pendleton Armory from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 25.

"It's a free spa day," Mary Kay spokesperson Michelle Goad said. "We just want to pamper these women." Goad said that all of the cosmetics and skin care products are being donated by the sales reps in the Pendleton area.

It's also planned to offer the women free child care while they get their beauty treatments. In addition, it's hoped that area businesses will donate gift certificates for hourly raffles during the spa day.

Goad would like to hear from people and businesses willing to help in the effort, which is called the Home Front Pampering Project.

"We'd like to hear from people willing to donate food items for snacks," Goad said. "We can use all kinds of help from the community. We need raffle prizes, and it would be great if we could get some red, white and blue decorations donated. We also need to have a committee to prepare the food and handle all those jobs."

Goad, who knows what it's like to be a military wife, said that it is especially difficult for the families of National Guard members to cope with having soldiers serving in combat. She said that most who joined the National Guard did so to "guard the coasts," and are now trying to cope with being sent to war zones without the support system that functions on military bases.

"The community has to do it," she said. "This is one thing that we, as Mary Kay representatives, can do to show the families of National Guard members that we care about them."

Goad added that she has also issued a call to Mary Kay representatives in the region, comprising three states, to donate sunscreen, lip protectants, lip balm, unscented lotions and other items that can be sent to soldiers from the area who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. She expects an overwhelming response.

"Everyone wants to help," she said.

She would like to hear from people who want to help with the pampering day; and she also needs to hear from the wives, daughters, mothers and grandmothers who would like to visit the day spa so she will have an idea of how many to expect. Goad can be reached at 966-6618.

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