Pendleton Round-Up & Happy Canyon Hall of Fame wants more than $33,000 in public urban renewal funds to improve Court Avenue and draw attention to the hall, particularly during major events such as Round-Up.

The project has a total cost of $33,553 for four components: replacing the old Ranch Market sign with a 17 foot by 8 foot sign for almost $26,987; a $2,500 bronze plaque commemorating the Round-Up centennial in 2010; $1,553 for bunting; and $1,000-$2,5000 for 20-25 historic signs that would call attention to the Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame submitted an application Friday asking the Pendleton Development Commission to provide a grant that covers most or all of the costs. The development commission will discuss the issue during its meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the Council Chambers at city hall, 500 S.W. Dorion Ave.

In the application, Hall of Fame Director Tim O'Hanlon wrote a letter explaining the project and why the commission should provide the money to fund it.

O'Hanlon said Pendleton's urban renewal plan calls for building on the history of Pendleton from such factors as the Pendleton Round-Up, as well as extending street improvements on all "major access streets to downtown."

Further, O'Hanlon said the commission has identified the Hall of Fame as a "vital cultural facility."

The Hall of Fame is at 1205 S.W. Court Ave. Improvements to the hall could coincide with the city's project to redesign Court Avenue and the Pendleton River Parkway.

Today, Wednesday and Thursday, the city will host three days of intense design workshops to consider what improvements the public wants and what the city can make to that corridor, which links downtown to the Round-Up Grounds.

O'Hanlon said the Hall of Fame uses a sign that served the Ranch Market that once was in business on Southwest Court Avenue across from the Roy Raley Memorial Park. The sign isn't lit and has plastic covering the old Ranch Market logo.

O'Hanlon said the Hall of Fame would like the commission to provide 50-100 percent of the money for the sign.

"Funding the sign project will help improve the streetscape of Court," O'Hanlon said. "An eyesore will be replaced by a pleasing, well-designed piece of artistry. The sign will help get people to the Hall of Fame to experience the true Round-Up history of Pendleton."

O'Hanlon said the commemorative plaque would be in the Hall of Fame's parking lot, on a large rock or concrete pedestal or stand for easy viewing. He also said the urban renewal plan identifies these kinds of plaques as a way to convey Pendleton's history.

While the plaque would be permanent, the Hall of Fame would use the bunting and other historic signs during special occasions or events.

O'Hanlon said the Hall of Fame wants to run red, white and blue nylon bunting along the top of the building and set reproductions of historic Let 'er Buck and welcome signs near or on the building and throughout the city.

Historic photos show this type of decoration was present even in the early years of the Round-Up, he said.

O'Hanlon also said the Hall of Fame would like the commission to provide at least 30-50 percent of the costs for the plaque, the bunting and the historic signs.

Along with the request from the Hall of Fame, the commission also will hear a request for $8,800 from Debbie McBee for flower baskets on Main Street.

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