ATHENA - During the half-time at the Weston McEwen boy's basketball game tonight, the Athena Weston School District will be inducting members of the 1975 state championship basketball team into the newly created hall of fame.

"It is important that a community knows their history," Superintendent Rick Hensel said. "Some towns make a bigger deal out of it. This is a modest community and there have been some very successfull people who have come from here."

The team was coached by Tom Howard and inducted: John Adams, John Barkley, John Beamer, Dick Beamer, Joe Davis, Kim King, Joe McBean, Steve McMIllan, Tim Meinhart, Mike Nix, Wayne Sincleir and Kenneth Warner.

The team had a 25-2 record and at the state tournament they beat North Douglas 77-69, then St. Paul 84-72. They beat Sacred Heart in Medford 101-73.

The team remained the district's only state championship team, Hensel said. While the initial inductees are athletes, the honor is not restricted to sports. Students either must have attended school in the district for 10 years or their last three years at the high school. "It is for anyone who has made a significant contribution to society either during school or after graduation."

Tim Meinhart, who played center on the team, said he thought the hall of fame was a good idea. "Having awards or ceremonies will bring people from the past and people from the present together and rekindle memories of people who haven't been around."

It is easy to forget the accomplishments of previous graduates, he said.

Meinhart works in the circulation department for The Oregonian in Portland but still comes back to the area several times a year to visit family and friends. Unfortunately, his schedule will not allot Meinhart to attend the ceremony Friday.

Dick Beamer, who lives in Adams now, said he thinks the hall of fame was a good idea.

"All the schools should do it," Beamer said. "There are a lot of individuals out there and it would be neat to see them get honored."

The hall of fame might help students see what they could become and it might be a motivation for future successes, he said.

"They can see that what hard work and determination can get for you," he added.

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