Hallmark closing shop after 35 years

<p>Bernie Moore has owned and operated the Gold Crown Hallmark store in Pendleton for 35 years.</p>

As Bernie Moore walked through the potpourri-scented aisles of Country Sunshine, her Gold Crown Hallmark store on 1738 Southwest Court Place, she pointed out the Christmas ornaments, cards and china dinnerware that have been her bread and butter for 35 years. 

“Hello, my dear, how are you?” she said to a woman browsing cards.

Moore put up the store for sale a year ago, and since she’s had no takers, the only Hallmark between Boise and Portland will close in a few months. 

The store remained profitable even during the recession, but she decided she needed to do something different with her days after so many years.

Customers and employees made Moore’s decades at the business worthwhile, she said.

“One thing about the customer who shopped here, they’re the kind who always had their heart in their hand,” she said. “That part, I’m going to miss.”

Even with the rise of the Internet and e-cards, Moore thinks paper cards still mean something. “People are coming back to cards,” she said. “They say, ‘I don’t want an email card, I want a real card.’”

Moore will move some merchandise, like candles and chocolates, to her other store, Sunshine Gourmet Shoppe in downtown Pendleton at 29 SE Dorion Ave. “You can’t be without chocolate,” she said.

The gentle, soft-spoken grandmother of five said letting go of employees will be the hardest part about closing the store. “It bothers me a lot,”?she said. “That’s why I?tried so hard to sell the store.”

Part-time employee Pat Whitney said she’s enjoyed helping out for about eight years.

“It’s just too bad to lose another store in Pendleton,” she said.

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