HELIX - School Board Member Tom Winn sent a letter of resignation to board Chairman Jay Spratling this past weekend.

Despite receiving the letter, Spratling said Winn's resignation is in no way final.

"That has not officially been accepted," Spratling said. "That has not taken place."

Winn's resignation letter was short, simple and to the point. It read:

"For the good of the Helix community and my own personal wellness, I'm stepping down from the Helix School Board.

"It is my fervent hope that the community can come together, put differences aside and support our school. I honestly don't know if my departure will help this occur, but I'm hoping it does."

Though Winn declined to comment after sending the EO a copy of his letter, he commented last week on the school board's inability to perform its duties.

"You just can't accomplish anything when you've got people sitting around disagreeing on just about everything," he previously said.

Frustrations between the school board and superintendent came to a head with events during the past week and a half.

On Jan. 11, the school board met to evaluate and vote on Superintendent Barbara Ceniga's contract. The board voted 3-2 not to reinstate her contract.

Of those that voted no, two (Winn and fellow board member Jim Williams) said they disagreed with the stipulations of the contract, not Ceniga personally.

The third no came from Spratling, who gave no reason for his vote.

On Jan. 18, community members met at Helix school and formed a recall committee. Those they proposed to recall included Winn, Spratling and Williams.

Forms for an official recall have not been submitted, the county elections office said Monday afternoon.

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