Fashions come and fashions go. Some people believe that styles don't really die - they just go into a cedar closet waiting to be born again. That's happened with a number of fads, from bell-bottom pants to pointy-toed shoes. The fashion gurus bring these things back, even though they should have never been considered anything but silly in the first place.

However, I have noticed (because there are many decades for me to study) that some fashions are actually so bad they never repeat themselves. Have you noticed that no man has submitted to pastel polyester leisure suits a second time around?

Shirtwaist print dresses with matching cardigans are also a style that have never visited us since the early 1960s. This is of special significance to me since I am long-waisted and therefore had considerable problems with the belt that encircled my rib cage.

Another style that never returned was all the rage when I was in sixth grade. Since, in those days, if anyone's ears were pierced with more than one hole it was because they had an operation, we were always looking for other ways of making a statement with our jewelry. Pop beads were in for a while, but nothing could hold a candle to the fad that saw most of the girls at Walter Jackson Elementary School wearing chameleons to school.

These living lizards were sold in the jewelry section of Woolworth's, and came equipped with a gold safety pin and a pink silk cord which was tied around the lizard's tail. The fad lasted until the last chameleon died -- about four days if I remember correctly.

A young friend of mine said her generation has had some awful fashions as well. Pegged pants, especially with scrunchy socks pulled up over them, were horrible to her as were the parachute pants and satin jackets with elastic wrist and waist bands. She's an optimist, hoping that none of these styles come back when her own children are shopping for clothes. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, as I've aged, I've noticed a few things that have gone out of style that need to be considered always the vogue - kind of like jeans and khakis are. There should always be loose-fitting dresses, soft, roomy elastic-waisted slacks and big shirts and tunics stocked in the stores. Also, along with those cowboy boots that will come back into style with a vengeance around here this month, there should be an equally large selection of nice, soft moccasins.

Whalebone corsets and powdered wigs are a couple of other items that haven't resurfaced since they were last in vogue, unless you're acting in a period play or must practice law in Great Britain. That's another stride for fashion comfort. However, I must confess that I really regret that the bustle hasn't made a reappearance, now that mine is built-in.

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