Road reconstruction work beginning Tuesday morning will cut off traffic from the 600 block of Southwest Nye Avenue to the 800 block of Southwest Marshall Avenue.

Traffic closures will be during daytime working hours, according to city engineer Tim Simons, and should be completed by the end of Friday.

Pioneer Construction of Pendleton is conducting the work on a $38,900 contract (the lowest bid received) from the city, which the City Council awarded June 3.

The intersection recently was identified as a future liability risk due to the sinking grade and exposure to manhole lids protruding from the asphalt, according to a memo Simons prepared to council members.

"We have identified that portions of this road may continue to be a perpetual issue due to the lack of adequate base rock placed under the asphalt when this road was built," the memo said.

Crews did emergency repair work on the road near the end of winter in 2004, at which time they found only inches of base rock under the equally thin asphalt. Silt-loam soil under the base rock allowed the rock to shift away from the assault under traffic loading.

For this project, crews will put a geo-textile below the base rock to help prevent further shifting, as well as lay down new base rock and asphalt of sufficient thickness.

The project will be paid for from $40,000 leftover funds in the 2007-08 budget, which city staff had allocated for either an overlay or repair and reconstruction projects. Simons said the city will issue a crack-sealing and slurry sealing bid later this year for street surface preservation projects.

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