Tomorrow is the day of love, Valentine's Day. You couldn't possibly have forgotten with all the newspaper, radio, and television ads.

If you haven't found something special for your girlfriend, wife, mother, or special friend, you better get busy.

Everybody is extremely conscious of their weight these days, which poses a problem with buying the traditional red heart-shaped box of chocolates. Of course, you could always send a dozen red roses, if you can swing it. For those who are about to propose marriage, now is the time to buy that perfect engagement ring.

Now, let me tell you of some other ways to show your love to that special person, without spending a lot of money.

I received an e-mail on Wednesday, discussing Valentine's Day and different ways of celebrating the occasion. Here are nine ways to tell your special valentine "I love you."

•Cook a special dinner for your Valentine. For mother, the children could cook a meal in their own way, which would tickle mom tremendously. If it were for your girlfriend, a romantic dinner for two would fill the bill. Dad could prepare a romantic dinner for two and serve it in front of the fireplace, by candlelight, with a chilled bottle of her favorite wine and a single rose to say "I Love You."

•Offer to do something you don't normally do. Clean the house, do the yard work, or pick up the kids from school and take them out for pizza while mom enjoys a quiet evening with a good book and a pot of hot coffee.

•Take your special gal out on the town. See a movie, go dancing, or do both. Make her feel special for the whole evening, doing whatever makes her happy.

•Compliment your valentine. Be specific about features you find most attractive. Even if your loved one has heard it before, she will always enjoy more compliments. These are things a woman never forgets.

•Take her for a romantic getaway, perhaps a cozy bed-and-breakfast. You might take her to the place where you had your first date, or maybe the place where you shared your first kiss.

•Buy a gift that is romantic, like beautiful lingerie, a gift certificate to a spa, or the ever popular bouquet of flowers. You could also choose a special picture of the two of you and have it placed in a Valentine frame. Use your imagination. Be original and she will love it.

•Give your valentine a massage. Need I say more?

•Surprise your valentine with breakfast in bed, served on a tray with hot coffee and a red rose.

•Make it a point to say "I Love You" at least 10 times during the day. Now that will put a permanent smile on her face for today and for a long time to come.

It is not always necessary to spend a lot of money to let your Valentine know that she is loved and special the whole year.

Be sure to include a beautiful card, chosen especially for her, to go with whatever you decide to give your special valentine.

Betty Kuhn, of Boardman, can be contacted at or the East Oregonian, P.O. Box 1089, Pendleton, OR 97801.

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