PENDLETON - Round-Up Week was officially kicked off Saturday morning as the noon whistle blew early to signify the start of the Main Street Cowboys Dress-Up Parade. There were floats, goats, marching bands and cloggers. Unlike past years, there was only one lone crew of pooper scoopers - a child with a shovel and another pushing a wheelbarrow - but there were plenty of sweets for the children of all ages.

Last year, out of concern that children could possibly be led into danger, the Main Street Cowboys drafted a candy policy that called for treats to be handed to those lining the parade route.

"The reaction we received to that was very positive," MSC Parade Director Ben Remington said. This year, while some candy wasn't passed from one hand to another, those who did the throwing no longer behaved like they were on the mound in the World Series, gently tossing it to the crowd instead. Only one young boy on a skateboard got carried away, hurling lollipops at those along the route, but after a block, he calmed himself, adopting an underhand lob like the others.

"This was the best parade I've ever been to," said one young boy as he walked away dragging a bag of sweets.

Overcast skies and mild temperatures made the crowd not so quick to fight for the bottled water being passed out along the route, but the refreshments were welcomed just the same. Meanwhile, the soccer teams who doused those along the route with their super soakers were enjoyed, even though the audience didn't need the cooling sprays.

Dress-Up Parade results

Awards from the Dress-Up Parade in Pendleton Saturday:

East Oregonian award: Umatilla County Fair Court

Larry Wahl Memorial award: Steppin' Country

Queen and courts: 1st place: Union County Court; 2nd place Milton-Freewater Pioneer Posse; 3rd place: Happy Canyon Princesses

Riding groups: 1st: Peach Island Riders; 2nd: Blue Mountain Riders; 3rd: St. Anthony Hospital Cowgirls and Boys

Auto Classics: 1st: Rick and Christy Rogers; 2nd Brooker Jones; 3rd: Muryl Navratil

Auto, misc.: 1st: Ron and Lillian Burns; 2nd: Pendleton Elks #288; 3rd: Comries

Auto Antique: 1st: Blue Mountain A's; 2nd: Jim and Rose Donnelly; 3rd: Oliver Calhoun

Bands: 1st: Pilot Rock High School Marching Band; 2nd: Pendleton High School Marching Band

Civic/Service Clubs: 1st: DHS Child Welfare Program; 2nd: Pendleton Girl Scouts; 3rd: Umatilla Tribal Fire Department

Commercial Floats: 1st: Community Bank; 2nd: Safeway; 3rd: Curves

Community Floats: 1st: Blue Mountain Community College; 2nd: Yellowhawk Tribal Health Center; 3rd: Dance Troupe Generations

Horse and Buggy: 1st: Carousel Farm - Bob and Sharon Vance; 2nd: Umatilla county Pioneer Association; Driving to the Greatest Free Show in the West

Drill/Dance Groups: 1st: Shamrockettes; 2nd: Jr. Jam; 3rd: Pendleton High School "Rhythmic Mode

Pairs and Individual Riders: 1st: Aleasha McIntosh; 2nd Razzle Dazzle; 3rd: Saundra Buchanon Getz and Bill Getz

Patriotic: 1st: A.C.E.S (American Citizens Encouraging Support for our military); 2nd: Pendleton Swim Association; 3rd: Oregon National Guard 1186th Military Police

Youth Groups: 1st: Kids Korner Preschool and Day Care; 2nd: 11-year-old Girls All-Star Team; 2nd: Young American Military Supporters

Miscellaneous: 1st: Children's Rodeo/Umatilla- Morrow ESD; 2nd Invest Time with your Kids; 3rd: Mid Columbia Bus Company

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