PENDLETON - July was hotter and slightly wetter than normal, according to records kept by the National Weather Service.

Afternoon temperatures climbed to higher than 90 degrees on 21 of the 31 days at the weather station near the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport. The highest temperature, 103 on the 24th, fell seven degrees shy of the record, set in 1939. Last year the month's high was 106, on the 22nd. The high recorded in downtown Pendleton was 105 and at the agricultural experiment station 103, both on the 25th.

Even July's low temperature at the airport was higher than normal. It dipped to 50 degrees on the 12th, still 9 degrees higher than the record, set in 1944. Last year the low fell to 48 degrees on July 2. The lowest temperature in downtown Pendleton, measured at the fire station, was 49 degrees, recorded on the 9th and the 13th. The low recorded at the experiment station was 42, on the 21st.

A total of 1.43 inches of rain fell downtown in July, .63 inches on the 19th and .80 inches the next day. At the airport, meteorologists recorded .48 inches last month, slightly above normal (.41 inches), but just a third of the record 1.45 inches that fell in 1993. The record low for July was a trace recorded in 1999. Most of July's rainfall at the airport came on the 19th, when .45 inches were recorded. Just .12 inches were recorded last month at the experiment station, on the 20th.

July's rainfall at the airport brought the total for the calendar year to 9.85 inches, 2.38 inches (32 percent) above the normal 7.47 inches. For the crop year, beginning Oct. 1, rainfall through July totaled 13.98 inches, up 2.41 inches (21 percent) from the normal 11.57 inches.

Other cities in the region received even more rain, according to the Weather Service. La Grande got 1.61 inches, John Day, 1.15 inches, Meacham, .44 inches, Pilot Rock, .17 inches, but Hermiston just .01 inches.

Other area cities and their weather extremes for July:

•Hermiston, high 104 on the 24th; low 45 on the 11th; rain .01 inches on the 19th.

•Heppner, high 99 on the 24th; low 47 on the 10th; rain .07 inches on the 19th.

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