PORTLAND — Gov.-elect John Kitzhaber will be the keynote speaker next month at the Oregon Business Plan Leadership Summit.

The event is scheduled Dec. 13 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. It will begin at 7:30 a.m. and conclude by 5 p.m. with a reception afterward.

The summit is intended to provide an opportunity for Oregon business, elected and community leaders to charta course for Oregon’s economic future.

The registration fee is $150. Statewide elected officials and legislators may register free. Students may register for $50.

Organizers at the Oregon Business Council say the challenges facing Oregon are great. They intend to describe them in the presentation, “Breaking Out of a Circle of Scarcity.”

The seminar will focus on three key topics:

•Redesigning the way the state budgets for and delivers public services to provide high-quality education, health and human services, and public safety in the face of a “decade of deficits.”

•Improving the conditions for robust private sector job growth — the best source of revenue for families and public budgets.

•Adjusting the tax system to create more stability and stronger incentives for economic growth.

The day will begin with breakfast meetings where regional representatives will present their strategies and suggest one thing the state can do to help them reach their economic goals. The meeting for Eastern Oregon attendees is one of eight scheduled.

The thrust of the plenary session will be on the need to reinvent and redesign the way Oregon budgets for and delivers critical public services in an age of permanent fiscal crisis.  Key speakers will include Oregon Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley.

Others on the agenda are Pat Reiten, president of  Pacific Power; Lenny Mendonca, director, firm knowledge, McKinsey & Company; and David Osborne, author of  Reinventing Government; The Price of Government.

Reiten will describe some key challenges facing Oregon, discuss knowledge gained from regional leaders and industry clusters, and provide an overview of the 2010 Oregon Business Plan.

Mendonca is the chairman emeritus of the Bay Area Council and is chairman of the Economic Institute of the Bay Area. He will speak on the role that public services play in strengthening the economy, and on the need to reinvent and redesign these services to meet Oregon’s economic and fiscal challenges.

Osborne is a senior partner of The Public Strategies Group, a consulting firm that helps public organizations develop and implement strategies to improve their performance. He will discuss the “how to” of redesign and reinvention.

At the luncheon, Kitzhaber will discuss his plans to address the state’s economic and fiscal crisis, emphasizing the role of the Oregon Business Plan and the Leadership Summit.

Breakout sessions will follow lunch. They will focus on redesigning public budgeting and services as well as sparking economic growth. More information is available at http://www.oregonbusinessplan.org/About-the-Plan/Summits-and-Meetings.aspx.

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