LEXINGTON — The recall election against Lexington mayor Marcia Kemp is officially over.

Kemp resigned earlier this month, rendering the results of the Oct. 22 special election a moot point, but 104 voters still turned in their ballots, voting 62-42 to recall her.

Lexington has about 238 residents total. Ninety-nine turned out to vote in an Oct. 1 recall election against city councilor Bill Beard, voting 54-43 to keep him in his seat.

Kemp and three of the city’s four city councilors had been in a feud for months over several items, including whether Kemp was allowed to vote on the appointment of councilor Curtis Thompson. On July 1, the city government shut down for nine days after not enough councilors showed up to pass the budget before the new fiscal year.

The recall against Kemp was filed by Lexington resident Will Lemmon, who stated in his filing documents that she had failed her oath of office by “regularly exceeding the authority of the Mayor,” refusing to work with three council members, and “slandering” their character.

Kemp’s official response, initially indicating she would not step down, listed things she had done to improve Lexington during her time as mayor. She submitted a resignation letter to the East Oregonian on Oct. 10, stating she could not continue in office with a majority of the council refusing to work with her.

Councilor Bill Beard told the East Oregonian at the time of her resignation that Kemp stepping down cleared the way for the city to get back to focusing on improving Lexington. He did not return a call Wednesday asking what the council’s plan is for appointing someone in Kemp’s stead, and a call to city hall also went unanswered.

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