A Pendleton man walked 24 blocks early Tuesday morning after shooting himself in the chest with a stolen gun.

Pendleton police Lt. Bill Caldera said David Ray Corbit, 22, of Pendleton, shot himself in what may have been a public suicide attempt. Corbit was in fair condition Tuesday afternoon at Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, hospital spokesman Todd Murphy said.

Caldera said a 17-year-old boy at 1806 S.E. Byers Place, Pendleton, called 9-1-1 at 1:14 a.m. to report someone was shot. Police responded and found Corbit with a gunshot wound to his left shoulder/chest. A Pendleton Fire Department ambulance transported Corbit to St. Anthony Hospital, Pendleton. Hospital spokesman Larry Blanc said an airplane later transported Corbit to the Portland hospital.

Caldera said Corbit shot himself near the railroad tracks at Southwest Frazer Avenue and Fourth Street. He used a .38 caliber revolver, which police found on a roof a block north on Emigrant Avenue.

The wounded Corbit walked about 24 blocks to 1806 S.E. Byers Place, where he knew the residents. Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts said Corbit so far is the only witness to the shooting. Detectives interviewed him at length and found he was drinking alcohol throughout the day and talked about suicide in general terms, but he didn’t specifically say he was trying to kill himself. He stole the gun from his mother, Roberts said.

Roberts indicated the bullet entered near the top of the chest and traveled down, but didn’t exit the body. He said Corbit was lucky he made it to a hospital.

Caldera said Pendleton considers the case closed. The gun shot was self-inflicted, he said, and Corbit isn’t facing criminal charges from the incident.

Umatilla County court records indicate Corbit is serving an 18-month probation since July 2011 after he pleaded guilty to unauthorized use of a a motor vehicle.


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