Northwest Direct Feeder Cattle Weekly Summary

Compared to last week's close, feeder cattle steady to $2 lower. Trade slow with moderate to good demand.

Feeder steers: medium and large 1-2: current FOB: 450-500 lbs. $123 value added OR; 500 lbs. $113 ID; 500-550 lbs. $115 value added ID; 550-600 lbs. $118 fancy ID; 750-800 lbs. $106 ID; 800-850 lbs. $105 ID. Future delivery FOB prices: 700-750 lbs. $110 value added calves for Dec., ID.

Feeder heifers: medium and large 1-2: current FOB prices: 500 lbs. $110 value added ID; 800 lbs. $100 ID. Future delivery FOB prices: 650-700 lbs. $105 value added calves for Nov.-Dec., ID.

Weekly Combined Cattle Report

Slaughter cows

Pct. Lean Weight Avg. Dressing

Breakers 75-80 1,200-2,100 $39-$44

Boners 80-85 1,200-2,200 $40-$45

Lean 85-90 1,000-1,700 $38-$43

Lean 90s 900-1,300 $32-$37

National Weekly Direct Slaughter Cattle

Western states

Weighted average price

Dressed delivered $143.14

Source: USDA Market News Service

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