Scores from the statewide assessment tests indicate student math and reading levels at elementary schools in the Hermiston School District are improving.

A similar result was seen in the Pendleton School District, which was also typical statewide.

The purpose of the Oregon Statewide Assessment Program is to provide information on individual student achievement on performance standards set by the state Board of Education for the Certificate of Initial Mastery and the benchmark grades leading to it. It also informs the public about student achievement and support services.

Students are tested in math and reading.

In the Hermiston School District, reading and math scores for third- and fifth-graders surpassed statewide averages. Third-graders had 87 percent meet or exceed standards, as opposed to 82 percent statewide in reading, and 85 percent versus 81 percent statewide in math.

Eighty-two percent of Hermiston fifth-graders met or passed standards in math compared to 79 percent statewide. In reading, the statewide average for fifth-graders was 76 percent while Hermiston was at 82 percent.

"With our elementary programs, we strive for consistency," said Hermiston School District Superintendent Jerry Wilson.

However, students in eighth grade were 2 percent below the statewide average of 59 percent meeting or exceeding standards in math and reading. In 10th grade scores, Hermiston was 5 percent below the statewide average of 50 percent for reading and 43 percent in math.

The scores in the middle and high schools in Hermiston are similar to 2003. Last year, 57 percent of eighth graders met or exceeded standards in math and reading compared to 59 percent statewide. Tenth-graders were at a 45 percent passing level in reading while the rest of the state averaged 50 percent, and in math Hermiston 10th-graders were at 37 percent as opposed to 43 percent statewide.

"Each of the schools use these results to develop improvement plans," Wilson said. "Like schools across the state, we are finding ways to improve in the high school and middle school. These results reflect the persistence and determination of students, parents and teachers."

In Pendleton, third-graders were at 83 percent meeting or exceeding in math and 89 percent in reading, compared to 81 percent and 82 percent in math and reading statewide. Fifth-graders equaled the statewide average of 79 percent in math, but surpassed the statewide average of 76 percent in reading by 5 percent.

Much like the Hermiston School District, students in eighth and 10th grades did not fare as well as the elementary grades. Forty-two percent of Pendleton's eighth-graders met or exceeded state standards in math compared to 59 percent statewide, and 43 percent in reading compared to 59 percent statewide.

Pendleton's 10th-graders were just 1 percent above the statewide average of 43 percent passing in math and 3 percent above the statewide 50 percent passing in reading.

Assessment Scores

not met met exceeded

Hermiston School District

Third grade reading 13% 55% 32%

Third grade math 15% 67% 46%

Fifth grade reading 14% 73% 13%

Fifth grade math 17% 67% 15%

Eighth grade reading 43% 41% 16%

Eighth grade math 43% 31% 26%

10th grade reading 54% 33% 12%

10th grade math 63% 22% 15%

Pendleton School District

Third grade reading 11% 49% 40%

Third grade math 17% 62% 21%

Fifth grade reading 19% 767% 14%

Fifth grade math 20% 60% 19%

Eighth grade reading 57% 31% 12%

Eighth grade math 57% 23% 19%

10th grade reading 48% 44% 9%

10th grade math 57% 30% 14%

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