LA GRANDE - The Union County Board of Commissioners have waived land-use restrictions imposed on landowners as a result of their applications seeking relief under Measure 37.

Burton and Ilene Hill submitted two applications, one for the right to build a subdivision just outside Cove and one for the right to build two homes on a parcel five miles outside the city.

Jack and Nancy Melland got permission to go forward with plans to subdivide a parcel on Mount Glen Road outside of La Grande.

There was only one objection raised at the Wednesday, April 20 commissioner's meeting. Gary and Jeanette Needham objected to the Hill's two-home project. He said he didn't believe there had been any real loss of value for the property.

"If theirs has been devalued, then everyone's has been devalued, " Needham said. "I'm concerned with what happens in the future. There could be 60 or 70 homes out here."

Commissioner Colleen MacLeod said several times that the hearings did not involve land-use decisions, but simply provided a decision on whether there had been a loss of property value covered under Measure 37.

Jenkins advised the landowners to apply to the state for Measure 37 relief, even though the county had given its approval for the waivers.

The board of commissioners had ruled that there were insufficient funds to compensate owners under Measure 37 at its March 30 meeting. Once applications are found to be valid under the state measure, the commission options are to waive or modify land-use regulations.

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