PENDLETON — Two teacher found a Sunridge Middle School sixth grader Tuesday night after he missed a connecting bus on his way home.

Aside from being tired, hungry and a bit dirty, Evan Dumont was safe.

The boy was supposed to take a bus from the middle school to Hawthorne Learning Center and then switch buses to ride home to Adams. Evan missed that bus and decided to walk the 15 miles home.

Evan’s parents contacted Mid Columbia Bus Company at 5:30 when the boy didn’t come home from school.

That started a massive search effort by the bus company, the school district and the Pendleton Police Department.

Officials first checked all the buses and the Sunridge school grounds to make sure Evan wasn’t there.

Teacher Susan Talbot began calling every student in Evan’s homeroom and every student on his bus.

Pendleton School District Assistant Superintendent Tricia Baker sent out emails and listed information on the school website, Facebook page and Twitter sites.

Talbot and fellow teacher Nichole Erwin also searched on the ground with MidCo bus drivers between Pendleton, Athena and Helix.

A tip came in that someone had seen the boy walking on Highway 11.

At about 8:15 p.m., Talbot and Erwin found Evan in a wheat field.

“They didn’t even think twice when they heard Evan was missing,”?said Sunridge Principal Matt Yoshioka. “Susan (Talbot) offered to help with phone calls and Nichole (Erwin) jumped in her car and started driving around, searching. These two teachers went above and beyond to help a student and I?really commend them for it.”

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