Treasure seekers and history buffs found some bargains and even family connections Saturday in Pendleton at the Heritage Station Museum’s collector sale.

Virginia Roberts of the Umatilla County Historical Society, which operates the museum, said this was the event’s third year. The collector’s sale offers photos, artwork, books and more. The past sales brought in not quite a $1,000 each, Roberts said, but the real benefit is for the community. Those who come can take home a piece of local history, sometimes for as little as 25 cents.

And sometimes folks find more than a pretty picture.

“People will come and discover a family member in an old photo — then it becomes rich and memorable,” Roberts said.

That's just what happened to Myra Furnish, historical society member who donates her coffee bar and services for the annual fundraiser. Before serving up coffee and hot chocolate, she combed through the tables of photos, books and maps and came across a copy of a 1915 photo of her great uncle, Dr. Fred Vincent of Pendleton.

Furnish, 65, splits her life between Pendleton and the west side of the state, but her family goes back to Pendleton’s founding days, which Furnish Avenue on the city’s North Hill bears evidence of. She said she wasn’t expecting to see her great uncle’s photo and had to buy it.

“You never know quite what you’re going to find, and you got to come early,” she said.

She picked up others pictures as well, including black-and-whites of twin American Indian babies and one of young men drinking beer. She said that's a gift for her son, who is studying beer brewing at Oregon State University.

Heritage Station Museum is at 108 S.W. Frazer Ave., Pendleton, and open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is $5 for adults, $2 for students, $4 for Seniors and $10 for a family. For more information, call 541- 276-0012, or go online to .


Contact Phil Wright at or 541-966-0833.

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