There are certain things that help you remember special moments in your life. Perhaps it's a certain fragrance, a gentle touch, or a favorite song that always brings back tender memories.

This week I have been reminiscing about the days when I was still singing. I loved to sing, especially with the band, or with my partner, who wrote songs just for me. I felt important, and, well, everyone wants to feel special some time in their life. I guess I'm a ham, but I loved performing before a large audience. Sure I was scared, but that didn't matter after I sang that first note. It was pure enjoyment for me.

When we moved to Boardman, I sang in the church choir and did a lot of solo work. Religious music has always been close to my heart and singing my favorites was inspiring.

Many years ago, when my husband's birthday was coming up and I didn't know what to get him, I started thinking about a unique gift for him. The girls were gone and I wanted to make his birthday special. I bought him some golf accessories and took him out to dinner at his favorite restaurant, the Chuck Wagon, but I wanted to give him something more, something he would always remember.

After thinking about it for a while, I decided that he seldom had the opportunity to hear me sing, so I would make him a recording of some of the old songs he liked from our era.

I looked through my records to find instrumentals that might be in my key and I found a couple of songs he liked, songs that we heard together on special occasions. I practiced for weeks to get it right, and then while he was golfing one Sunday, I recorded the songs for him. He loved it!

We played cassettes most of the time in those days, although the reel to reel was a favorite of mine because I could record a lot of my favorite music and play it back while I worked around the house. But, it had served its purpose and was finally stored away along with the tapes and I lost track of them when we moved the last time.

Not long ago I dusted off the old reel to reel and listened to the tapes once more. I ran across the one of my voice and thought how great it would be to put it on a CD to give to the family and some friends, so I took it to New York and had an audio engineer transfer it onto a CD for me. He cleaned up some static, balanced the music with my voice, and the final product was pretty good.

I'm happy to say my CD's are on their way and should arrive next week, and then I will close my eyes, and listen to the songs that bring sweet memories rushing back, of my husband and our life together.

It was so long ago, and yet, it seems like only yesterday. I miss him so much, and these songs evoke memories that will be all the sweeter now that he is gone. The music will help me recapture our love, anytime I want.

It would be wonderful to relive those early years again, when the honeymoon was still in full bloom. Now I can - the second time around - if only in my memories.


Betty Kuhn, of Boardman, can be contacted at or the East Oregonian, P.O. Box 1089, Pendleton, OR 97801.

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